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Massive Talent Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book Massive Talent?

The easiest way to book talent is to fill out a booking quote request. Here you will find the questions we need to help you book the most appropriate talent for your event.

Armed with this information Massive Talent agents pair the best talent to your event.

Once we have a few simple questions answered, we will call you to discuss the best options.

Contact us at one of our office numbers for the fast access to agents or through the instant chat located in the bottom right of your screen.

Can anyone join the roster?

We have an intentionally small roster of artists in order to ensure a quality fit for our clients.

We look for the best in both show experience and customer care. Every act has been carefully screened over multiple performances to ensure our standard is maintained.

Do you have any tips to booking?

The most important factors when considering talent are timing, budget and desired guest experience.

Timing: The best time to start planning for your talent is yesterday. When you think you are going to need talent it is best to call your Massive Talent agent and get the process started. Our acts book well in advance. We can temporarily reserve talent within reason to help with your planning process.

Budget: Honesty is important when helping your Massive Talent agent find the best entertainer for your event. It doesn’t matter what your budget is your agent works for both you and the talent.

Experience: Your Massive Talent agent has the experience to ensure you get the desired outcome you are looking for from your talent. Not all talent is appropriate for all events. Whether you are looking for a motivational speech with entertainment or looking for a dinner gala performance, it’s important to decide what you would like your guests to experience.

How much does it cost?

Your Massive Talent agent will be able to provide you with a detailed outline of all costs involved.

Prices vary depending on the act. Massive Talent liaises in the background on your behalf to provide you with a one stop shop experience. Everyone is taken care of and the show goes without a hitch.

Do I need to sign an agreement?

Yes. Performance agreements are in place to protect all parties.

Performance agreements guarantee everyone is on the same page and details of the event are not missed. They also serve as a convenient reference document for advance bookings.

Do I need to provide sound or lighting?

Each act has their own requirements for sound and lighting, and this will vary depending on the artist.

Massive talent will be happy to fit you with talent that meets your technical and performance environment.

Are travel expenses extra?

Massive Talent acts perform world-wide. When you book with us travel costs are inclusive of the fee. Less work for you. We handle air and ground transportation from our end.

Is a deposit needed?

Yes. Most clients pay in full in advance our of the convenience of only drafting one cheque but at a minimum a 50% deposit is required to have a firm booking with one of our acts.